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Pastors of small churches feel disconnected, disenfranchised, dislocated and discouraged. Since the pastor is strategic in the welfare of the local congregation we must start with him. Value is the starting point of revitalization. We will unapologetically target pastors of small churches and will utilize every means to positively impact them. There will be large and small gatherings in states and regions to appreciate and train these pastors. An interactive website will connect these pastors with each other and with church officials to afford greater connectivity and defeat the feelings of isolation.

Initiate dialog about missional ideas. Change our focus from the results of what we do, which are in God’s Hands, to what we actually do. Collect and disseminate stories that demonstrate pastors on mission. Encourage creativity, adventure and risk in order to recapture the missionary spirit.

A valued pastor on mission will bring vitality to his congregation. Understanding the importance of the mission of the church, even a small church, will highlight the fact that small churches are vital and necessary to the cause of Christ in the earth. The Church of God needs small churches to become mission stations on the margins and in every community, and it is incumbent upon us to convey that message. The stories of churches on mission will fuel this movement and restore a movement mentality within the Church of God.

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